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Art Of Jaguar – Clyde and Rufus 04

He there once more guys and gals and welcome to some more hot art of Jaguar comics. Rufus and Clyde get to have a chat with their lady boss at the bar today it seems that the topic is quite serious. See, the boss, her husband is away with business for a few more weeks and it seems that business has slowed down a lot. She’s in desperate need to draw in clients and since the beach in near and all, Clyde has a great idea. He hands her what seems to be a very small set of clothes and of course, the babe is confused. Clyde tells her that they need to be paid too and they need desperate measures for these kind of times.

Besides, they tell her that she can also get to wear that at the beach to make the babes half her age spite her for having a great body for a MILF like her. Anyway, the babe starts to consider it seriously as she is quite desperate to get the bar back on track. So she goes along with their plan. In her won words, what else does she have to lose right here and now besides her dignity to show off her sexy body in that bikini in front of two horny nerds. So read on and enjoy and come back next week for the continuation. We’ll be right here waiting for you and we’ll have the next issue ready for you. See you then and as always enjoy your stay!


Enjoy watching this hot MILF teasing the guys!