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Art Of Jaguar Clyde and Rufus 06

Well art of jaguar is back with more Rufus and Clyde in this one as they continue to have their fun with miss E this evening. The blonde MILF asked these two nerds for opinions on what she should be wearing to the beach and of course, being as smart and horny as they are, they tell her just about everything that guys like to see in a woman when she struts about at the beach. And of course, that means very tight and very revealing bikinis. Well miss E goes along with the plan and we’re pretty sure it’s going to leave you as well as the two with your jaws dropped when you see just what she ended up wearing as an example in this new artofjaguar issue.

As she comes back from the changing room, the sexy outfit is revealed and as you can observe, miss E chose quite the skimpy bikini to wear. It’s coral blue and we must say that she looks simply delicious wearing it too. She does say that this doesn’t feel too right for her as she feels practically naked while wearing it, but Clyde and his buddy reassure her that she could be going for an even more revealing outfit. Well either way they are right as she foes look incredible. It’s a sure thing that she’s going to be turning heads the next day at the beach and it was all thanks to these two. Who knows maybe she’d even get around to reward them as well for the help!


Enjoy watching the sexy blonde MILF stripping off!