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Art of Jaguar galleries – Night Nurse

In today’s art of Jaguar galleries update it’s time for some more naughty and hot scenes to be show off, and we thing this will really be to your liking today. In this hot scene you will get to see a very hot and sexy nurse as she’s pretty fed up with the way that all the things are going on her nightly shit every time. And she just had about enough of the ogling and staring that she gets from all guys as she always passes by them. But you can’t really blame them now can you, and you will see exactly why when this super sexy show of hers starts today.


As she passes down the corridor one of the patients calls out to her. And as she’ll soon find out he’s in need of some anal kind of care. He sais that he has a severe constipation, but she knew that all he was after was to have her finger fucking his ass and who knows maybe do some more fun with her. Well this nurse in pretty pissed and she’s having none of this tonight. So you get to see her letting the guy treat his own problem and she just takes off on him. Well let’s hope that this sexy blonde nurse will be back in a future artofjaguar update! For similar galleries check out cartoon gonzo site and have fun watching some cartoon characters sucking and fucking!

See the nurse sticking her fingers in the patience’s ass!