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Art Of Jaguar Rich Bitch 02

Well here we are with the second issue of Rich Bitch. This art of Jaguar comic is quite impressive and we know that you will agree. So the driver gets some more taste of this babe’s teasing this afternoon and of course you get to check it out as well. He also does some monologueing to suggest that he’s kind of had enough of this cutie teasing him until now. Well either way, he has a job to do and that entails him driving her off. he is the driver after all. Well, you get to see some interesting stuff that went down on the car trip to the uni and it’s quite hot. Let’s check it out right now and see what happened shall we?

When this artofjaguar scene starts we get to see that our driver is already waiting for the lady with the door wide open. She gets in the car and right from there it’s apparent that she has some tricks up her sleeve to tease this guy today. As the car drives along, the guy making sure that the chick gets where she needs to be on time the babe starts to get more comfortable in the back seat. And once the guy checks out the rear view mirror he gets a nice and long look at the superb babe with her legs spread open. He gets a superb view of her pink panties and she soon notices too, then scolds him telling him to keep his eyes on the road. Well with such distractions, it’s a wonder they didn’t crash!


See the sexy teen teasing her horny driver!