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Clyde and Rufus 01

Another fresh week and time to check out a new art of Jaguar update. Well this update here is also to serve as a small token of our appreciation for you guys enjoying the content here for so long. And the title of this new comic is Summer Job Milf. Clyde and Rufus get to have a job as part timers at a beach bar and you’ll get to se them getting to meet up the most superb MILF as their boss. There’s a small problem though. The bar is doing poorly recently and the babe is in need of a plan to save it before her man comes back from his business trips. Well that’s not a problem as Rufus and Clyde are quite the ingenious nerds and they’re going to help her out!


You will get to see what goes down in all of it and by the end of the story…well, let’s just say that the babe sure rewarded them handsomely for the help. First order of business as Clyde puts it is to get a new outfit for her if she’s going to be working the bar. And as you can observe that will be quite the naughty bikini that she gets to wear. Either way, check it out and check out the next updates for more too. As always we aim to bring you the best experience when it comes comes to hot cartoon babes and porn comics and this is no exception. We’ll be taking our leave now, but we’ll return next week with more comics for you!

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