Art Of Jaguar
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Clyde and Rufus 05

And we’re back again with some more of miss E and her two students. Well this art of Jaguar shows off her…ahem “assets” quite nicely too. You know how Clyde and Rufus have fantasies about this gorgeous woman right? well they got the chance to have some fun and recommend her some simply superb outfits for her to wear the next day at the beach. And the recommendation seems to be one simply incredible bikini. Like Rufus put it “daaaayum” she looked incredible. But anyway, we guess that you guys are curious to see the action in this so let’s not delay any longer and just get the show on the road shall we?

As you know, all artofjaguar issues are drawn with attention to detail and it seems that none was spared in making this blonde MILF sizzling hot. She’s god everything, curves in the right places, long blonde hair and a very pretty face with bright blue eyes. It seems that the babe kind of knows what they’re going for too but she’s still not used to such revealing clothes. Take your time to see her getting all shy about it as she steps into the light and see those simply hot and delicious MILF curves put on display while she wears the sexy swimsuit. We will be back as per usual next week so we’ll see you then with more all new scenes as always. Until then everyone we wish you a good day and we hope you’ll enjoy the content!


Take a look at this kinky blonde flashing her knockers!