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Clyde and Rufus 07

Another fresh week and time to check out some more all new and hot art of Jaguar comics this fine day. Well, you know that Clyde and Rufus have a thing for the sexy blonde babe with long hair and blue eyes and the little misadventure continues this update. The sexy babe Got to wear that sexy and tight swimsuit for the guys and to say they were impressed with how hot she looked was an understatement. The thing is that the babe is quite shy and doesn’t usually wear stuff like this, but hey with a little bit of help from these two nerds she’s going to get all the confidence that she needs to rock this type of outfit from here on out.


The issue starts with Clyde and Rufus waiting for the misses to change into the mentioned outfit. Well when she comes back, the guys stare with their jaws dropped at just how gorgeous this woman looks in the little and tight sling bikini she’s wearing. How can they not with such a beauty in front of them. Anyway, the babe seems a bit shy about it because it’s not really her style to wear things like this, and as a very fortunate malfunction, the straps around her big round tits slip, letting her big round breasts hang out in plain view for the two guys. Anyway, we hope you enjoy the view too and we’ll be seeing you soon with more all new comics!

Watch the hot blonde showin off her impressive knockers!