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Love Thy Neighbor 04

Today’s art of Jaguar features the start of another simply incredible series. It’s titled Love thy neighbor and you can probably guess what it features. If not, rest assured that this teaser and the first issue will make it pretty clear. You see, there’s this university teacher that seems to be lacking in the fun department, until one day where he rests eyes upon the most beautiful red head he’d ever seen in his life. She’s a very sexy woman, with curves in all the right places, a beautiful face, blue eyes and fiery red hair as well. And it seems that this guy notices that she’s also his neighbor too, which he often hears having loud sex late at night!

The fresh artofjaguar issue starts with the guy going around in class surveying the students as they study. When he lays eyes upon our little beauty here, he remembers her as the neighbor that’s really loud during sex and his mind starts to wander around. How could he hold back from fantasizing about her in the first place. She just looks so sexy and she’s well aware of it too as he wasn’t the only guy in class to check her out. Well she’s been teasing this guy for a while now and she knows full well that he likes to check out her simply incredibly hot and sexy body. That’s why she mainly dresses in such tight and sexy clothes in the first place! See you guys soon with new stuff!


See this hot student teasing her math teacher!