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Bethany and Mrs Harmon

Bethany and Mrs Harmon are back here at art of Jaguar. As you can see below in the preview these two MILFs had a great time riding the same dick and things just get kinkier and kinkier with them. You already know that this is the best place for cartoon porn and these two are here to prove you just that. In case you wanna see more hentai porn scene you must visit to see more chicks getting fucked. These two today have a really special update for us and as you are going to see things get pretty wild. We’ve seen them separately but now we got them both in the same scene and this is a really lucky guy.

The two busty babes took turns on pleasing him, blowing his dick but not before he got tied. The girls wanted full control over the situation and the guy ended up being their slave. But being in slave with these two around isn’t such a bad thing so don’t feel sorry for him because he still had a great time. Bethany and Mrs. Harmon, both got to ride his hard dick and to play with their horny slave so this worked out great for both of them. You can see it all in the gallery below and just by looking at the preview you know it’s going to be an amazing update. See you guys soon so don’t forget to check us tomorrow for another updates!

Bethany and Mrs Harmon

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Clyde and Rufus 05

And we’re back again with some more of miss E and her two students. Well this art of Jaguar shows off her…ahem “assets” quite nicely too. You know how Clyde and Rufus have fantasies about this gorgeous woman right? well they got the chance to have some fun and recommend her some simply superb outfits for her to wear the next day at the beach. And the recommendation seems to be one simply incredible bikini. Like Rufus put it “daaaayum” she looked incredible. But anyway, we guess that you guys are curious to see the action in this so let’s not delay any longer and just get the show on the road shall we?

As you know, all artofjaguar issues are drawn with attention to detail and it seems that none was spared in making this blonde MILF sizzling hot. She’s god everything, curves in the right places, long blonde hair and a very pretty face with bright blue eyes. It seems that the babe kind of knows what they’re going for too but she’s still not used to such revealing clothes. Take your time to see her getting all shy about it as she steps into the light and see those simply hot and delicious MILF curves put on display while she wears the sexy swimsuit. We will be back as per usual next week so we’ll see you then with more all new scenes as always. Until then everyone we wish you a good day and we hope you’ll enjoy the content!


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Art Of Jaguar – Clyde and Rufus 04

He there once more guys and gals and welcome to some more hot art of Jaguar comics. Rufus and Clyde get to have a chat with their lady boss at the bar today it seems that the topic is quite serious. See, the boss, her husband is away with business for a few more weeks and it seems that business has slowed down a lot. She’s in desperate need to draw in clients and since the beach in near and all, Clyde has a great idea. He hands her what seems to be a very small set of clothes and of course, the babe is confused. Clyde tells her that they need to be paid too and they need desperate measures for these kind of times.

Besides, they tell her that she can also get to wear that at the beach to make the babes half her age spite her for having a great body for a MILF like her. Anyway, the babe starts to consider it seriously as she is quite desperate to get the bar back on track. So she goes along with their plan. In her won words, what else does she have to lose right here and now besides her dignity to show off her sexy body in that bikini in front of two horny nerds. So read on and enjoy and come back next week for the continuation. We’ll be right here waiting for you and we’ll have the next issue ready for you. See you then and as always enjoy your stay!


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Clyde and Rufus 01

Another fresh week and time to check out a new art of Jaguar update. Well this update here is also to serve as a small token of our appreciation for you guys enjoying the content here for so long. And the title of this new comic is Summer Job Milf. Clyde and Rufus get to have a job as part timers at a beach bar and you’ll get to se them getting to meet up the most superb MILF as their boss. There’s a small problem though. The bar is doing poorly recently and the babe is in need of a plan to save it before her man comes back from his business trips. Well that’s not a problem as Rufus and Clyde are quite the ingenious nerds and they’re going to help her out!


You will get to see what goes down in all of it and by the end of the story…well, let’s just say that the babe sure rewarded them handsomely for the help. First order of business as Clyde puts it is to get a new outfit for her if she’s going to be working the bar. And as you can observe that will be quite the naughty bikini that she gets to wear. Either way, check it out and check out the next updates for more too. As always we aim to bring you the best experience when it comes comes to hot cartoon babes and porn comics and this is no exception. We’ll be taking our leave now, but we’ll return next week with more comics for you!

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Art of Jaguar – Earl and Akiko

We bring you one superb and sexy update for today’s art of Jaguar gallery everyone. In this nice and hot scene you will get to see one hot and sexy babe as she will be getting her sexy and perky body toyed with by a big burly dude. The little lady in question as you can see is a very cute and sexy little babe that was practicing her ballet moves, when this guy saw her, and well it’s pretty understandable that he just had to get it on with this lovely cutie for this afternoon today. So let’s see what went down in this scene.

As this nice and fresh artofjaguar scene starts off, you get to see this cute babe doing just what we said. As the guy comes in, this cutie seems to be fine with him getting to touch her all over her body. Well she’d been actually awaiting a good fuck and this was a prime occasion for her to get some cock. Watch as she lets the dude play with her body, and see him sliding his fingers underneath her leotard. You will get to see this babe getting her pussy finger fucked by his masterful hands and you get to see her moan in pleasure

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Art Of Jaguar Clyde and Rufus 06

Well art of jaguar is back with more Rufus and Clyde in this one as they continue to have their fun with miss E this evening. The blonde MILF asked these two nerds for opinions on what she should be wearing to the beach and of course, being as smart and horny as they are, they tell her just about everything that guys like to see in a woman when she struts about at the beach. And of course, that means very tight and very revealing bikinis. Well miss E goes along with the plan and we’re pretty sure it’s going to leave you as well as the two with your jaws dropped when you see just what she ended up wearing as an example in this new artofjaguar issue.

As she comes back from the changing room, the sexy outfit is revealed and as you can observe, miss E chose quite the skimpy bikini to wear. It’s coral blue and we must say that she looks simply delicious wearing it too. She does say that this doesn’t feel too right for her as she feels practically naked while wearing it, but Clyde and his buddy reassure her that she could be going for an even more revealing outfit. Well either way they are right as she foes look incredible. It’s a sure thing that she’s going to be turning heads the next day at the beach and it was all thanks to these two. Who knows maybe she’d even get around to reward them as well for the help!


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Clyde and Rufus 07

Another fresh week and time to check out some more all new and hot art of Jaguar comics this fine day. Well, you know that Clyde and Rufus have a thing for the sexy blonde babe with long hair and blue eyes and the little misadventure continues this update. The sexy babe Got to wear that sexy and tight swimsuit for the guys and to say they were impressed with how hot she looked was an understatement. The thing is that the babe is quite shy and doesn’t usually wear stuff like this, but hey with a little bit of help from these two nerds she’s going to get all the confidence that she needs to rock this type of outfit from here on out.


The issue starts with Clyde and Rufus waiting for the misses to change into the mentioned outfit. Well when she comes back, the guys stare with their jaws dropped at just how gorgeous this woman looks in the little and tight sling bikini she’s wearing. How can they not with such a beauty in front of them. Anyway, the babe seems a bit shy about it because it’s not really her style to wear things like this, and as a very fortunate malfunction, the straps around her big round tits slip, letting her big round breasts hang out in plain view for the two guys. Anyway, we hope you enjoy the view too and we’ll be seeing you soon with more all new comics!

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Love Thy Neighbor 04

Today’s art of Jaguar features the start of another simply incredible series. It’s titled Love thy neighbor and you can probably guess what it features. If not, rest assured that this teaser and the first issue will make it pretty clear. You see, there’s this university teacher that seems to be lacking in the fun department, until one day where he rests eyes upon the most beautiful red head he’d ever seen in his life. She’s a very sexy woman, with curves in all the right places, a beautiful face, blue eyes and fiery red hair as well. And it seems that this guy notices that she’s also his neighbor too, which he often hears having loud sex late at night!

The fresh artofjaguar issue starts with the guy going around in class surveying the students as they study. When he lays eyes upon our little beauty here, he remembers her as the neighbor that’s really loud during sex and his mind starts to wander around. How could he hold back from fantasizing about her in the first place. She just looks so sexy and she’s well aware of it too as he wasn’t the only guy in class to check her out. Well she’s been teasing this guy for a while now and she knows full well that he likes to check out her simply incredibly hot and sexy body. That’s why she mainly dresses in such tight and sexy clothes in the first place! See you guys soon with new stuff!


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Art Of Jaguar Love Thy Neighbor 05

This week art of Jaguar comes back once more with the next issue featuring your new favorite red head that you saw last week. Well this cutie with bright red hair and blue eyes is fully aware that she teased the teacher to no end and this fine day she is going to do something about it to make up. And to start off, she wants to tease him just a little bit more. She gives him some enticing details about how she likes to perform in bed and rest assured that the guy is all ears. Well she can see the bulge in his pants so it was about time for her to start to get to work on that cock sooner rather than later too, so let’s see what went down next.


This hot and sexy artofjaguar beauty is pleased to find out that her teacher is packing quite the huge and eager cock and she declares that it looks to be even bigger than her husband’s. Well that’s quite the compliment as it seems that the guy can hear them banging late at night and she seems to be pretty satisfied with that. Anyway, watch her getting to work on his meat pole without delay and see her doing one simply incredible job of sucking that hard cock today. She doesn’t stop until the guy busts his lead all over her pretty face and we feel that this babe isn’t done with the guy just yet. Come back soon for more in this superb series!

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Love Thy Neighbor 06

Hey there once more everyone, welcome back to new and fresh art of Jaguar scenes with more of the red headed lady that gives this guy non stop fantasies. It’s no surprise either as she’s quite the hottie from what you’ve seen in previous issues as well. Anyway, it seems that this fine afternoon she decided to have some fun with the university teacher during class and there’s nothing he can do about it. Trick is that she was really eager to get some cock and she was going to have it one way or the other right then and there. So let’s get the cameras rolling as it were and see just how good is this babe with her mouth in this artofjaguar scene.

take your time to see the babe with fiery red hair take off his pants as she gets up from her desk. She then kneels down and starting with the tip she starts to lick it and gently suck on it as it gets bigger and harder by the second. Of course she’s not here just to tease, so soon you can get to watch this babe properly sucking and deep throating that meat pole with a passion. Take your time and see this lusty lady sucking every bit of jizz out of this guy today leaving him spent. We’ll be returning soon with another issue and more new comics, so make sure that you guys stay tuned too. See you then everyone!


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