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Art Of Jaguar – Rich Bitch 01

Hey there, we bring you a new series here at art of Jaguar starting today and it’s one that you really need to check out. The title is Rich Bitch and as the title implies, you get to see the daily struggles of a driver for this particular babe as he drives her around. The name of the babe is Alexa and her family is filthy rich. Though, be sure that this particular red headed cutie, does have some exotic tastes. Also she packs quite the sizzling hot and sexy body as well. Let’s get the scene started and watch what happens in the first issue. Though one thing is fore sure and that is that you’ll be seeing more of this little slut in future updates too!


The driver was taking care of the car in the garage and making sure that it was spotless. Well miss Alexa drops by rather soon too and right from the start you can see what relationship they have. Alexa likes to boss guys around and that’s not really a secret when you learn that she kind of treats all guys like this looking down on them. Anyway, she greets him with dropping an empty soda can on his head and that’s when he gets to check her out as well. She has a perfect body and for today, she seems to be sporting a really sexy and hot looking tight dress that was kind of high cut, leaving ample views of her sexy ass to be seen. Check it out!

Watch here this sexy teen bossing around her driver!

Art Of Jaguar Rich Bitch 02

Well here we are with the second issue of Rich Bitch. This art of Jaguar comic is quite impressive and we know that you will agree. So the driver gets some more taste of this babe’s teasing this afternoon and of course you get to check it out as well. He also does some monologueing to suggest that he’s kind of had enough of this cutie teasing him until now. Well either way, he has a job to do and that entails him driving her off. he is the driver after all. Well, you get to see some interesting stuff that went down on the car trip to the uni and it’s quite hot. Let’s check it out right now and see what happened shall we?

When this artofjaguar scene starts we get to see that our driver is already waiting for the lady with the door wide open. She gets in the car and right from there it’s apparent that she has some tricks up her sleeve to tease this guy today. As the car drives along, the guy making sure that the chick gets where she needs to be on time the babe starts to get more comfortable in the back seat. And once the guy checks out the rear view mirror he gets a nice and long look at the superb babe with her legs spread open. He gets a superb view of her pink panties and she soon notices too, then scolds him telling him to keep his eyes on the road. Well with such distractions, it’s a wonder they didn’t crash!


See the sexy teen teasing her horny driver!

Rich Bitch 03

Another fresh week and as always, a brand new issue from art of Jaguar is back to entertain you. You know how much of a hard time the ginger head Alexa likes to give this poor guy. Well since last time he drove her off to university for her classes he came back. And since no one’s home, he gets to check out her room as much as he wants. He has a fascination with the lovely babe and this was the perfect opportunity to get kinky while no one was around. Straight to her room he goes as he knows exactly what he’s looking for and as you can bet it’s straight to the lingerie drawer. Well, let’s see what he did in this new artofjaguar update!art-of-jaguar-rich-bitch-03

This issue starts off with him bursting in her room and like we mentioned, going straight for the panty drawer. Since she likes to tease him a lot, he has no qualms doing this sort of thing in her room. Watch him getting around to checking out every single piece of underwear and as he continues to fantasize he also jerks off. By the time he was done, the room was a mess with lingerie and jizz was everywhere. And not only that, but he was about to get a surprise too. But more on that next week with a new issue when it comes out. Take your time with it as per usual and we’ll be seeing you again with more. Bye bye for now!

Check out the horny driver jerking off!

Rich Bitch 04

Hey there once more guys and gals, art of Jaguar is back with another new little scene and again it’s as sizzling hot as always. This shows off more of the rich slutty ginger head as she puts her sexual pleasing skills to good use to tease this guy for the afternoon. Seems that our babe caught the guy red handed since last issue as he was checking out her panty collection in her underwear drawer and she decided that since he was so naughty she was going to punish him. And that punishment…well you are going to see for sure that that was in this artofjaguar update today. Let’s get going and see what happened without delay today!


Since he was so eager to play with those underwear, she’s not going to rat him out or anything, but she is going to be having some fun with the guy for now. As he was still on the floor, the chick tells him not to move and uses her sexy foot to start teasing his cock, which at this point can’t possibly get any more harder. Anyway, she starts to give him a nice and long foot job with her her sexy feet and before lone she has him blowing his load all over her foot too. It ends with her scolding him about what he did, but be sure that she kind of had some fun as well. So have fun as always, and do come back next week for some more and new porn comics!

Watch here the curvy babe offering an amazing footjob!

Art Of Jaguar – Rich Bitch 05

Time to check out new and hot art of Jaguar comics everyone. Today we bring you the 5th issues of rich bitch as the title mentions and you get to see the ginger headed sexy babe as she finally gets her pussy pounded nice and hard by the driver that she keeps giving a hard time. It’s about time that the guy had enough of her silly shenanigans and it seems that the babe didn’t mind that hard style plowing that she got by the end of it either. Probably she actually wanted him to step up and make that pussy his even if it’s just for one fuck session. Either way, we get to see what went down in this 5th issues for this fine afternoon!


Just about as she got bored, the guy decided that enough was enough. She barely gets done with her sentence telling him that he’s to be let go, he decided he was going to have some fun with her either way. He enjoyed the foot job that she teased him with earlier but now it was his time to try and please that pussy. He rips off that sexy white skirt and from behind, slides his cock between her thighs, teasing her sweet and wet pussy with his rock hard dick. This was enough to send her over the edge too, and soon you get to see this babe with ginger hair fucked nice and hard for the whole thing. Take your time to enjoy it and do drop by next week for some more scenes!

Take a look at the teen getting pounded by her driver!

Wild Sex

This week’s art of Jaguar update is one to remember. In this scene you get to see some mighty fine and incredible interracial sex going down between one black stud with a mighty meat pole and his white blonde lover that’s crazy for his hard cock. Well it’s not surprising to be honest. She broke up with her man recently specifically because she can’t get an orgasm no matter what. But it seems that this guy knows every right way to push her buttons and make her go crazy every time they decide to be wild in bed. Anyway, we know you must be eager to see them getting down and dirty so let’s get their scene started without further due.

It all starts at the babe’s place as this guy arrives. She opens the door for him and she was already sporting a nice and hot lingerie set that she wanted him to see. Rest assured that he was impressed when he saw her and we bet that you were too. Anyway, they quickly make way to her bedroom and once inside she lets him do whatever he wants to her. You get to see him gently take off that lingerie as he kisses her passionately, and as she lays on her back in bed, the guy starts to fondle her pussy. It’s not long before his mighty cock plows this blonde babe hard style and makes her moan loudly in pleasure. They ended up fucking all night long too!


See the nasty blonde getting roughly hammered!

Art Of Jaguar Study Buddies 02

Another fresh week and time to get to see more art of Jaguar with the lovely and sexy Bethany and her home tutor Clyde. This is the issue where Bethany actually got around to convince the guy to drop by her place and help her study. Now you already know that she had very little difficulty with that to begin with, looking as hot and sexy as she does. Nonetheless it’s one great scene to check out just in case you want to see a assertive little lady taking matters into her own hands with guys. It’s one scene that you shouldn’t miss, so make sure that you read it fully and don’t skip over any of the pages either!


Her outfit was on point as well and it just made her look sexier than usual. That top in particular, just made her big juicy tits look even better and be sure that everyone in the hallway and class earlier noted that too. Either way, she does a mighty fine job to brag with her curves and who knows, maybe Clyde actually gets lucky with her again. Anyway, this blonde sexy bombshell turns around to leave, saying that she’ll text him her number, and giving everyone a nice and superb view of her sexy and round ass as well. Clyde sure is going to enjoy his afternoon and he promises he’ll call his buddy later to tell him what happened and went down! See you next time as always with new scenes!

Take a look at this hot blonde bragging with her curves!

Study Buddies 03

Time for some more art of Jaguar prequel comics to be brought to you all this fine day today. Again we get to meet up with Clyde and his adventures at the Harmon House and it’s quite the nice one too. Today you get to see the busty MILF take center stage in this action packed scene as she greets the nerdy Clyde at the door without delay. And rest assured that she’s just as naughty as they other babe, she can’t help but tease the guy with her simply stunning body too today. Well let’s get to it and see more in detail what went down with the guy and this simply stunning and gorgeous MILF in their first meet up ever.

As soon as he knocks on the door he hears footsteps rushing to answer. He hopes that it’s Bethany by herself, but he’s about to have a surprise right when he hears the voice of an older woman answering “Coming”. Well, when that door opens aside, what stands in front of him is a simply drop dead gorgeous MILF with the curves of a goddess. She looks smoking hot and rest assured that Clyde had trouble taking his eyes off her huge tits that were well put into view by her tight and revealing top. She was expecting him to arrive and starts to call after Beth to have them starting to study. Well you know what happened next. See you next time with another fresh scene!


Watch here this hot MILF teasing the nerd guy!

Art Of Jaguar – Study Buddies 04

This week, art of Jaguar comes back with a whole new update. Again it’s the study buddies series and this time you get to see the prequel of what happened in the kitchen a few updates ago. The nerdy Clyde just arrived at the blonde’s place and the white haired MILF gets to answer the door. Now the babe herself looks simply stunning and rest assured that Clyde felt the same way, especially since she was wearing such revealing clothing too. As soon as the blonde babe Beth comes in the picture as well, you can see that she wasn’t below the mature woman either as she was sporting quite the sexy outfit too!


The artofjaguar scene gets underway like we said, with the long haired blondie making her way downstairs. She sais that she got a bit bored of waiting for the guy and one’s best guess that that’s why she was wearing the outfit she was. It was just a very tight top that really made her tits look ever better and a pair of panties apparently. Well she wanted to study upstairs and the MILF disagrees with that. As these two hot and sexy babes continue to argue in the open they kind of miss the fact that Clyde is getting quite the boner at the sexy beauties in front of him. Enjoy it and we’ll be back soon once again with more new and fresh galleries for you! So take care and see you guys next week!

Take a look at these hot blondes flashing their hot curves!

Art Of Jaguar Study Buddies 05

Hey there once more everyone and welcome back to more of your favorite art of Jaguar scenes. We get to see another part of the study buddies series this time and it seems that it’s going to be another superb afternoon for the nerdy dude. You could say that the blonde babe has a way of teaching him her special class in exchange for his help as well so you can bet that he has a very good reason to help out. Anyway, this scene is going to leave you wanting more for sure and of course, more can be found in the galleries around here. For now let’s just enjoy it and get the show rolling without delays.


This artofjaguar update actually shows that the blonde herself seems to be quite turned on by the idea of this nerdy guy plowing her. Well either way, we’re sure that she’s going to do that eventually. But for now they are limited to the study sessions in the kitchen. If you followed in the past, you know that she has a way with her lips and hands already and the guy knows just how good she is. Take your time to see her showing off her body once more this time and have fun with it. We have to take our leave for now but be sure to drop by soon once again if you want to see some more kinky and hot cartoon babes getting wild and kinky!

Enjoy watching this sexy blonde showin off her hot body!

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