Art Of Jaguar
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Professor Pinkus and the neighbors

Well this time, we have quite the scene to show off. Professor Pinkus is an university teacher and lucky for him his neighbor is a successful business man ready to offer her an anal lesson. We say lucky, because he just got to see the guy’s new girlfriend that happens to be a very sexy and hot red headed woman with some incredible and sexy body. And to boot she’d be joining his classes soon as well. In this nice art of Jaguar gallery you will also get to meet the cutie as well and see just how this babe likes to tease every guy that she meets without fail either.

The meeting happens in the hallway after the professor leaves for work pretty depressed after his hot mature wife denied him sex once more. So as he lays eyes on this red headed cutie he just can’t believe his eyes at how hot this sexy babe actually is. He’s pretty speechless as you can see, and his neighbors break up the silence saying hi to him. Watch this artofjaguar scene and see this babe present herself in a very slutty and sexy little outfit as she kisses her man goodbye. And you also get to see the professor’s wife ogling the stud over there too.


Watch professor Pinkus staring at that hot babes ass!