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Rich Bitch 03

Another fresh week and as always, a brand new issue from art of Jaguar is back to entertain you. You know how much of a hard time the ginger head Alexa likes to give this poor guy. Well since last time he drove her off to university for her classes he came back. And since no one’s home, he gets to check out her room as much as he wants. He has a fascination with the lovely babe and this was the perfect opportunity to get kinky while no one was around. Straight to her room he goes as he knows exactly what he’s looking for and as you can bet it’s straight to the lingerie drawer. Well, let’s see what he did in this new artofjaguar update!art-of-jaguar-rich-bitch-03

This issue starts off with him bursting in her room and like we mentioned, going straight for the panty drawer. Since she likes to tease him a lot, he has no qualms doing this sort of thing in her room. Watch him getting around to checking out every single piece of underwear and as he continues to fantasize he also jerks off. By the time he was done, the room was a mess with lingerie and jizz was everywhere. And not only that, but he was about to get a surprise too. But more on that next week with a new issue when it comes out. Take your time with it as per usual and we’ll be seeing you again with more. Bye bye for now!

Check out the horny driver jerking off!