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Rich Bitch 04

Hey there once more guys and gals, art of Jaguar is back with another new little scene and again it’s as sizzling hot as always. This shows off more of the rich slutty ginger head as she puts her sexual pleasing skills to good use to tease this guy for the afternoon. Seems that our babe caught the guy red handed since last issue as he was checking out her panty collection in her underwear drawer and she decided that since he was so naughty she was going to punish him. And that punishment…well you are going to see for sure that that was in this artofjaguar update today. Let’s get going and see what happened without delay today!


Since he was so eager to play with those underwear, she’s not going to rat him out or anything, but she is going to be having some fun with the guy for now. As he was still on the floor, the chick tells him not to move and uses her sexy foot to start teasing his cock, which at this point can’t possibly get any more harder. Anyway, she starts to give him a nice and long foot job with her her sexy feet and before lone she has him blowing his load all over her foot too. It ends with her scolding him about what he did, but be sure that she kind of had some fun as well. So have fun as always, and do come back next week for some more and new porn comics!

Watch here the curvy babe offering an amazing footjob!