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Study Buddies 06

Hey there guys, we’re back with more art of Jaguar for you to see. Last week’s scene was a hit and since everyone loved it, here’s just how the nerdy guy got into that situation. We get to see some more of the cute and kinky blonde today as she reveals just how kinky she can get. One thing’s for sure though. This guy will have his hands full with her and it seems that he’s going to be enjoying himself quite a bit by the time that this studying session will be over. So let’s get to see how naughty the blonde gets in this one but we guess you can already assume the answer anyway.


See, now this artofjaguar comic shows off just how kinky and naughty this babe gets and it sure is a treat to read through. She’s really grateful about the help though, so make no mistake about that. Now as much as this guy knows about stuff, he sure lacks in the sex knowledge, which is why the babe is so happy about it. She can teach him quite some stuff that can be performed in the bedroom and she’s very insistent on playing with him for the afternoon. So check her out slipping underneath the table and teasing the lucky guy’s cock as much as she wants in this one. We’ll be back soon with more scenes for you so do drop by again soon for new scenes!

Watch here this slutty blonde teasing the nerd!